Helpful Training Tips for New Puppy Owners

Adopting a new puppy is one of the most exciting experiences any family can have. It is crucial to make sure the puppy has the best start to remain healthy and happy. Also, making sure a puppy has the best start possible will ensure they don’t form hard-to-break habits at a young age.

Housebreaking a Puppy

Small puppies, particularly those that are just eight weeks old, need to go out every hour. They should also be taken out after playing, eating, or waking up from a nap. Put simply, puppies must be taken out to use the bathroom regularly.

Stop Play Biting

All puppies play bite. While they may not be trying to cause harm, it can still hurt. Puppies explore and learn about their new world with their mouths, which means biting is a natural behavior.

When a puppy bites, it is a good idea to take hands away from the pup and walk away from them. Play should end as soon as a puppy puts their mouth on a person’s skin.

It’s also important not to play with a puppy with a person’s hands. Many people do this, and it is just a tease that engages the puppy with the hands, rather than an actual dog toy.

Socializing is Key

Some people recommend waiting to socialize a puppy until all their vaccines are updated. However, it is actually a good idea to get puppies into training classes right away. The period of eight to 16 weeks is essential for socialization.

Stop a Puppy from Chewing

Puppies chew. It is necessary to make sure that they are trained not to do this. One option is to consider crate training.

Doing this is challenging, but well-worth the effort. It will help ensure a puppy knows not to chew items around the house. This is going to ensure furniture and other items don’t get ruined.

Training a New Puppy

A new puppy is an exciting addition to any family. However, it is essential to make sure that proper training is provided. Finding the right puppy is essential and help with this can be found by visiting

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