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Reasons Why Prosthetics and Orthotics are Beneficial

Most of the things in life tend to disrupt our healthy way of living. Even though there are many things that we try to do in life to remain healthy, there are various things that just appear and disrupt that. For instance, it is possible for us to become victims of a particular tragedy. Unfortunately, you may end up losing your arms and legs through the accident. Luckily, the modern technology has made it possible for the people who have lost their legs and arms during an accident to have physical legs and arms. It is for this reason that I have decide to highlight the benefits of using prosthetics and orthotics.

There are various dangerous diseases that also result to amputation of legs and arms. One of the most common disease that brings about the amputation of limbs is the peripheral arterial disease. Poor circulation of blood within the body is the one that causes this disease. Narrowing of the arteries is also one of the factors that is capable of bringing about this disease.

Normally, even though prosthetics and orthotics are applied on different parts of the body, they tend to serve the same purpose. (Prosthetics are better for the people who might have lost their arms and legs in an accident. Prosthetics have been manufactured ion such a manner that they are capable of meeting the needs of someone who has lost their arms, legs or any other (part of their body. The need may be dictated by the limbs that someone has lost. Most of the lower prosthetics have been made in such a manner that they are capable of absorbing shock and helping them walk or run.

With the lower prosthetics, it will also be easy for you to complete tasks that involve the lower body part such as running and jumping. Additional activities such as squatting can also be completed by use of these prosthetics. The importance of upper prosthetics is that the give you the ability to dress yourself, brush your hair and teeth without experiencing any kind of difficulty. This prevents them from feeling as if they are a burden to others.

Orthotics are important as they help disabled people complete various tasks. Even though it can also be used on both the upper and lower limbs, it is normally used on the spine and cranium. Orthosis is used for various problems which may include spinal orthoses and ankle foot orthoses. Orthotics is also used for the purpose of strengthening bones in little children.

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