Emotionally Frozen

Now, although someone could have a head and also a body, that doesn’t mean that they will believe it is easy to connect with what is happening in their body. This doesn’t imply that they will not be able to connect with the sensations of their body; no, exactly what means is that it can often be difficult for them to hook up with how they feel.

In general, it might seem as if they are emotionally dead and just don’t have emotions. As a result of this, they may typically feel numb and in some cases ‘dead’ inside, on this being where did they have been so long as they can remember.

Emotionally Flat

If we were holding to look back on their own life and also to reflect on what it really has been like, they are able to find that they’ve often felt low as well as depressed. And when looking at the feelings which they do experience, these could be: anger, frustration and also a general a feeling of despair.

During the moments when they happen to be able to experience a a feeling of aliveness, this will likely have come when they’ve consumed something. Through artificial means, then, it may have been possible to enable them to feel more whole.


When it comes to that they approach life, these are likely to be somebody that relies for their intellect to compliment them. Other people could typically describe them as a person that is rational or very logical.

Along on this, others could say that these are very heady, lack emotion, and are also cold, as an illustration. Thus, the sort of feedback which they receive may not be going to be positive and life-affirming.

A Huge Challenge

As for the people that are of their life, one may learn that they don’t feel near any of them. This is not a very good surprise in view that they don’t possess a good reference to their emotional self – negligence them that could allow this to happen.

In addition for this challenge, an example may be likely to still find it hard to feel linked with anything. Once again, negligence them that could allow this to occur will generally be out with their reach.

Both Ways

One are able to be used to feeling disconnected using their emotions and disconnected from life itself. This is probably be anything but pleasant, and so they may have considered ending all this at least once.

Experiencing life like this is about to make it hard so they can not only feel alive but to feel powerful. In fact, they could believe that they’ve got very little treating their life along with the direction it takes.
What Is Going On?

After reflecting on what on earth is going on, and they also may have a highly developed capability to reflect, they could believe it is hard to comprehend why they can be like this. They could believe there is something inherently wrong with these, or believe that we were holding born that way.

If they actually do believe hmo’s or the latter, or both, there is destined to be very little that they will do about what’s going on. The only thing that they’ll be able to do would be to accept what exactly is taking place and also to put up with it through out their time within this earth.

Another Angle

The real question is: what if you are this way because these were extremely traumatised throughout their early a few years shutting down was the only way to enable them to survive what occurred? If this is the way it is, there’s nothing inherently wrong with him or her and we were holding not born that way either.

Many years may have passed because this stage with their life, but what was held won’t be fully to their rear. Being emotionally numb or frozen should have caused them problems – a whole lot of is magnificent – yet this is their body and minds means of stopping them from being overwhelmed by all the arousal that’s held inside their body.

A Massive Build-Up

To work with an analogy; it will be that there was water at one end of your floor in case it have got to the other end, it’d end up getting into electric cables and causing a large amount of problems. To stop this from happening, the stream ended up changing into ice, thereby stopping the river from going anywhere.

In exactly the same, his or her body banned, it could have stopped their feelings from entering their psyche. While this might have set them up becoming a divided man (as R. D. Laing might have said), it kept them alive.

Breaking Through

To break through this frozenness, you’ll most likely need to work through many, many defences. They are not gonna be working through anything physical nonetheless it can seem like they are.

The main survival response which will keep this disconnection set up can be the freeze response. Underneath this response will probably be all of the emotions that they experienced during their early years.

A Closer Look

There still may not just be one freeze respond to get out of the way in which either; chances are that there are going to be many of the responses to get rid of. Under this response is usually rage, panic, terror, helplessness, and powerlessness, amongst other activities.

There can even be the feeling that they can be going to die, and will also reflect how horrific this time in their life was. If they could only hook up with feelings and never memories, it may be a sign that what came about happened before their brain was created enough to consider.


If one can possibly relate to the, and they can be ready to change their life, they’ll probably must reach out for external support. This is something that may be provided by the assistance of any therapist or maybe a healer.