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The numerous Benefits of Using Irrigation to Grow Crops

Irrigation can best be described as the method in which a controlled amount of water is supplied to plants at regular intervals so as to grow crops. During seasons where there is little rainfall and in arid areas irrigation is done. There exists different types of irrigation that people undertake. Irrigation systems include sprinkler, drip and surface irrigation. Many people have been undertaking irrigation all over the world. Owing to the many advantages of irrigation aa lot of people are undertaking it. Here are some of the advantages of irrigation. The major benefit is that it ensures that there is a consistent supply of food. You are able to produce the food even in the times that they are out of season. You are able to get food in plenty of supply which leads to food security by getting into irrigation. Food security eliminates malnutrition and hunger-related deaths.

Irrigation is a good method for growing cash crops. A lot of cash crops need a regular supply of water that is consistent for them to grow well. When they have attained their full growth you can sell them to make money. You can fend for yourself by selling of cash crops. You are also able to get your returns when you sell the crop. The other advantage of irrigation is that it improves the groundwater storage. Seepage causes water loss when you are using irrigation. Water seepage leads to increased groundwater storage. The other advantage of irrigation is that it helps to boost the crop yields. Due to irrigation the crops do not suffer lack of water, therefore, ensuring good growth. You can then sell the product to act as a source of cash.

Look at the following aspects before choosing an irrigation system to use on your farm. Soil type is one of the factors to consider. The different soil types are only compatible with specific irrigation systems. When you look at the sandy soil areas they require a high amount of water. Sandy soils need a lot of water since they lose water do fast. Sandy soil areas have very low retention of water compared to loamy soil. Water quality is another aspect that you should look at. The best quality of water for your crops is the one that does not have water-borne diseases and has harmful minerals. Therefore if you want your crops to do well ensure that you have a filtration system for your water.

Chlorine is a good additive to your water to make it safe. Soil topography is another factor to check before employing the use of an irrigation system. There is sloppy and flat topography. Different soil topography areas require different irrigation systems. You should ensure that you know your topography before adopting any irrigation system.

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