Can Someone Become Controlling If They Experienced Trauma As A Child

There are people on the earth that have no fascination with controlling anyone or anything, while you’ll find those that wish to control everyone and everything. Thus, a lot of people will be at one end in the spectrum and some are going to be at the other end.

At one time, there’s every chance that just about all of us have had one or more moment if they have been controlling. What this boils down to is that you can find times when just about everybody acts beyond character.

The Trigger

There certainly are a whole host of reasons as to the reasons someone who isn’t usually controlling would become controlling. For example, someone could experience plenty of fear and interact with a situation.

In this moment, they’ll need been in the whim of the instincts; thereby causing them to want to do something that they wouldn’t usually do. Still, soon after this has happened, they can try to make amends by acknowledging what has happened and apologising.

The Other Side

Along using this, it’s quite possible that just about everyone on the earth has come into contact with no less than one person that was controlling. And if this is not the case for a person, they may have come across someone inside the public eye that is certainly.

Interestingly, people that fit this profile is often found inside public eye in most shape or form. This would add up, due to the fact people similar to this are often given lots of control.

The Ones for the Top

In certain instances, the one who is in control over a country could be a total control freak. Someone similar to this is then just gonna be a human being, nonetheless they can see themselves as some type of deity.

And although people this way are often in control over countries that lots of people will most likely not have heard of, not to mention know the location of, this is simply not always so. Nonetheless, when someone such as this is in control over a country (or is apparently as they may be usually only a figurehead), they’re able to wield their capability in a more subtle manner.

A Relationship

When this is the truth, this individual is naturally about to come under fire by both citizenry as well as the media. Yet, what’s rarely mentioned is the reason a country would have someone like this for the top.

At a conscious level, a lot of people would say how they don’t want someone in this way in power. This may be so, now you ask ,: what unconscious needs does someone similar to this fulfil?

Back To the Main Point

So, no matter whether someone is telling people around them how to proceed or a whole nation, they are likely to be acting in a very controlling manner. One is a mini tyrant and also the other could be close to a full-blown tyrant.

Someone in this way is not gonna be able to see others as sovereign people; they’ll simply be objects to help them to use but they also choose. Ultimately, clothing possible to help them to truly realize that other people are individuals and they have simply no right to control them.

The Missing Part

Their behaviour is gonna be having a negative impact on others, but which is unlikely for being something that fazes them. What this can also illustrate is the fact that their ability to empathise with other people has been compromised.

In short, they could be strongly linked to their head and weakly linked with their heart. As a result of this, they will probably be able to treat others in in this way without feeling bad or just as if they are doing anything wrong.

Fulfilling a Need

Behaving by doing this won’t do much persons but it definitely will do a lot on their behalf; when it didn’t, there would be no need to enable them to behave like this. By behaving like this, they may be likely to feel powerful.

Yet, as long as they were to stop behaving by doing this, we have a strong chance which they would find yourself coming into hitting the ground with feelings that may cause these to feel extremely powerless. What this shows is always that their inner world is not a place that supports them; it truly is somewhere that undermines them.

What’s occurring?

In order to help them to experience a feeling of control, they’re going to need to stay disconnected from themselves and also to control others. Ergo, living at first glance of themselves – being disembodied – are going to be essential.

Now, it really is unlikely that they can were simply born that way; there’s likely to become a reason why they can be this way. To simplify why it is, it are going to be necessary to consider what happened during their early years.

Back In Time

During this stage of these life, some might not have received the sort of care how they needed to manage to develop within the right way. Instead, they might have been abused and/or neglected all the time.

This would then happen to be a time later on in life when they felt extremely helpless and powerless. The only way to help them to handle these feelings would are actually to leave their body also to disconnect from themselves.

Many years can have passed as this stage of these life, even so the trauma they experienced should have stayed included. Unless it is dealt with, it’s unlikely that they will probably be able to change their behaviour.

If you can relate to this, and they can be ready to change their life, they may ought to reach out for external support. This is something that could be provided by the expertise of a therapist or maybe a healer.