Challenges Can Someone Encounter On Their Healing Journey

When I see daily my life, I can see that my healing journey began in 2003 when I met my first mentor. This was a female who I would embark on to study with for a variety of years.

During our time together, I would continue study Reiki healing and NLP. It wasn’t the qualifications that I grabbed that made the gap, though; it turned out having the possiblity to spend time with someone that understood me, didn’t think I was strange and heard what I needed to say.

Lessons Learned

This would be a long time ago but I remember those moments clearly, perhaps it is because this was the very first person I met on the path. I can also remember the many other mentors and healers that I been employed with after that.

Thanks to every one the experiences that I have gotten so far, there’s a lot that I have obtained along the way. Looking back, I can see that there happen to be a amount of challenges that I have were forced to overcome so as to move forward.

Mapping It Out

So, what I has shared with you are some of the challenges that you could encounter although you are with your healing journey. Ultimately, these are typically things that can slow you down and prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

What I can think are that if I knew about many of these things at first, I would have certainly decreased a different route. At the same time frame, if playing had been different, I might struggle to share anything similar to this.

Number One

At the start of your healing journey, you could feel the need to see just about everyone you understand what you are experiencing and what you’re really learning. To have the wish to reach out to others could be the normal, healthy course of action.

However, though there will be people that is going to be happy to tune in to what you need to say as well as support you, there is those that can’t do so. There can be several reasons that explains why this is but it will probably be important so that you can not take what the results are personally.

Number Two

Another thing that you may possibly hear from people, even those who have your best interests in the mind, quite simply just need to permit go and also to put the past behind you. Another way of considering this would be to mention that many people will invalidate your experience.

Someone similar to this won’t understand what you’re really going through plus they won’t be serious about putting themselves with your shoes, i really enjoy seeing. Again, keep in mind that it is not personal, and invite experiences this way to teach you discernment, and that means you know who should hear about what you’re going through and who are able to truly be there in your case.

Number Three

If you focus solely with your healing and neglect other locations of your life, you may well find that you simply feel worse. What this boils down to is that whatever we focus on grows, and that’s why it are going to be vital that you should be mindful of where your attention goes.

I know only too well that it can be incredibly hard, in particular when your emotions are over the place. If this would be the case, do whatever you can to nourish the areas you have ever had that create for you happiness and fulfilment.

Number Four

Since working on your own inner baggage alone and/or with external support, you could find that you simply feel worse than you probably did before. This can to put it simply down to the fact that you simply are facing everything you have overlooked for however long, so it’s to be expected which you will feel worse off – at the least in the short-term.

At the same time frame, if you find that you just continue to feel worse which nothing really changes, it could possibly show that you just need to try another approach. The reason for that is that certain techniques/therapies causes you to are more attached for your story making it even harder that you should actually move ahead.

Number Five

What this last point brings into focus is always that to your ego-mind, what exactly is familiar is what’s classed as what’s safe. The negative feelings you experience, by way of example, that you just want to release off could be associated as what on earth is safe.

Therefore, because you will consciously would like to move on from their website, another component of your being will desire to hold onto them. The reason until this point is attached to the one before, then, is that when you are not alert to this, you are able to unknowingly engage in issues that fulfil your ego-minds ought to hold on yet not your need to release.

Number Six

Lastly, there something known as the healing paradox which means that the greater you desire to heal, better it can be that you should heal. To me, this depends upon the fact that precisely what is resisted is exactly what will persist.

Thus, while it’s a good thing that you simply are taking reasonability for your own personal wounds and want to allow them go, remember that getting too mounted on this will almost certainly hold you back. As I touched upon in point three, it will likely be essential that you should be aware of what we focus on and that which you emotionally feed into.

How Can I Serve You?

There are quite a few other points that I might have gone into but it has given you quite a few things to consider when it comes in your healing journey. If you need additional support today, one way that I can provide that is for you is via the personalised consultations that I offer via Skype or Zoom.